Beauty by Sarah Reflexology
The Ancient Art of Re-Balancing the
Mind Body & Soul


Reflexology is the theraputic method of treating the body as a whole by working upon the feet.  Origins of this treatment can be traced back to ancient times of China, Egypt and India whereby the feet and hands were worked upon to treat aliments of the mind and body.  Foot reflexology as we know it now in the modern day was brought about by a lady called Eunice Ingham and reveals that working particular points upon the feet directly relate to points/organs of the body.  In recent years, reflexology has earned itself recognition and credit within the medical society as an effective holistic treatment.  The treatment  stimulates our natural healing ability, prompting the body to create balance within our mind,body and soul.  This treatment is deeply relaxing and should leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.  It can help ease a multitude of ailments and conditions both physically and emotionally.

 60 min treatment


HS Reflex.jpg
Hot Stone Reflexology
Combining the power of reflexology
& warm Basalt stone massage


This treatment takes reflexology to the next level!  With all the amazing benefits of a normal reflexology session, the addition of warmed Basalt stones allows for a much deeper level of holistic healing & relaxation.  The heat and pressure achieved with the stones in conjunction with therapists hands allows the client to reach a deeper level of mindfulness, encouraging the mind, body & soul to release & let go of tensions, stress and physical pains.

        Treatment  includes;

Hot cloth foot cleanse followed by 60 minutes of reflexology incorporating massage with warm Basalt stones