Beauty by Sarah aromatherapy massage

  Aromatherapy Massage

"The use of pre-blended aromatherapy oils to enhance

the benefits of massage"


Therapeutic treatment to gently ease muscle tension & elevate stress.  A light to medium pressure is used during this aromatherapy massage to encourage relaxation.  Powerful pre-blended essential oils help heal both the physical body and the mind on an emotional, psychological level.  Oils continue to work for up to 8 hours after a massage treatment.  Clients can choose a pre-blended oil based on the scent they are most drawn to & healing qualities they are seeking; 

Tranquility (to relax, unwind & promote a good night's sleep)

Renewed Energy (to uplift the spirits & boost body detox)

Muscle Rub (to soothe & relieve deep muscle tension)

45 min treatment £30.00

75 min  treatment £45.00

Beauty by Sarah Swedish Massage
  Swedish Massage

    "Firm manipulation to the soft tissue of the body for therapeutic purposes"

Swedish massage is the most common form of body massage.  The treatment uses a combination of firm, deep pressure and brisk, vigorous techniques to effectively release tension & knots.  Ideal for those seeking relief from aching, tense muscles.  Swedish massage is also a great introduction to body massage for those who have never experienced massage therapy previously.

45 min treatment £30.00

75 min treatment £45.00

Beauty by Sarah Balinese Massage

  Balinese Massage

"Creating a relaxed state of mind & a balanced flow of Qi"


The ultimate next level to a traditional Swedish massage!  If you enjoy a firm massage then this Indonesian therapy is the perfect choice.  The massage is carried out using an essential oil of your choice & employs deep, slow flowing, stretching techniques to loosen muscles & melt away tension.  The Balinese believe that for true relaxation & optimal health, there must be a balance of  Qi (energy - pronounced 'chee') throughout the body.  It is believed that with a good flow of blood & oxygen in the body, Qi is able to flow freely.  This is achieved during the massage by working on acupressure points along the body's meridian lines, unblocking energy & thus creating balance.  Essential oil choices available at your appointment are; 


Lemongrass, Frankincense, Rose or Sandalwood


45 min treatment £30.00

75 min  treatment £45.00

Beauty by Sarah bamboo massage

  Warm Bamboo Massage Therapy 

"A comforting deep tissue massage to melt away tension, 

relax tight muscles & relieve stress"


This unique therapy uses warm bamboo canes to offer a deep tissue massage, effectively disbursing muscle knots & tension.  This is a perfect treatment for ladies seeking a firm, deep massage that will offer longer lasting results.  

The combination of heat & pressure, that can comfortably be applied to areas of tension, offers a far more relaxing experience for the client compared to that of other deep tissue massages or sports massage therapy.  An ideal choice for ladies who frequently workout or have a manual job resulting in tight, aching muscles.  Bamboo massage also promotes detoxification, improves the appearance of cellulite & increases muscle tone.  

45 min treatment £35.00

75 min  treatment £50.00

Beauty by Sarah Hot Stone Massage

  Hot Stone Massage Therapy 

"Luxurious & deeply therapeutic treatment"


Warm basalt stones are used to massage the muscles, providing a deeply comforting & more gentle form of massage.  The heat from the stones can disburse deep-rooted muscle tension without the need for excessive pressure over knots.  This provides the client with a highly effective yet therapeutic treatment.


This therapy can be also varied by using a combination of hot and cold stones.  This is particularly helpful for muscle recovery, gym goers, sore limbs or over exertion.  The alternation of hot & cold encourages constriction and dilation of blood vessels.  This allows the body to naturally heal faster, shortening recovery time & generally providing comfort.

45 min treatment £35.00

75 min  treatment £50.00

Beauty by Sarah Thai herbal compress massage

  Thai Herbal Compress Massage 

"Combining heat, pressure & medicinal herbs to

promote wellness from the inside out"


A popular body treatment, native to Thailand, using steam heated 'dumplings' filled with 14 aromatic herbs.  The blend of herbs (including ginger, kaffir lime, lemongrass & tumeric) are traditionally used for medicinal purposes.  This treatment is ideal for reducing inflammation of the joints, muscles & ligaments; easing conditions such as arthritis, sprains & overworked muscles.  The treatment will boost the circulation, help eliminate toxins from the body & helps clear coughs, colds & other respiratory conditions.  The size, shape & heat of the dumplings allow a firm pressure to be achieved during the massage, effectively relieving tension, easing chronic pain & promoting deep relaxation.   

45 min treatment £35.00

75 min  treatment £50.00

Beauty by Sarah warm lava shell back massage

  Warm Lava Shell Back Massage 

"Revolutionary, exotic treatment all the way from the Tropics

to soothe away tension for total relaxation"


A treatment perfect for giving you that summer holiday feeling whilst easing tension!  Let yourself drift off to the sounds of Tropical shores, warmth on your back and the gentle scent of exotic fruits massage oil.  This unique spa therapy uses smooth, gently heated lava shells to melt away tension, easing aches & pains.  Drifting under a blanket of warmth, falling into utter relaxation, you will feel as though you've been transported to a far off, distant tropical shore. 


30 min treatment £30.00

Beauty by sarah Indian head massage

  Indian Head Massage 

"The ancient art of balancing energies & holistic healing"


Fantastic for treating upper body tension, headaches, migraines and sinus problems.  This treatment is carried out with the client in a seated position & involves lots of vigorous, stimulating  massage techniques to increase blood circulation, release tension & soothe the mind.  It is also an ideal massage for pregnant ladies (once past 1st trimester) who are able to still enjoy the benefits of a massage without the worry of lying on a massage couch.

30 min treatment £25.00