Please note I do not offer any type
of nail art, nail extension services, acrylic/gel or Shellac services.

Beauty by Sarah manicures
Manicures & Pedicures

For all nail polish services at Beauty by Sarah, China Glaze nail polish is used.  The China Glaze brand consistently give a shiny, glossy finish to their polishes.  The unique lacquers contained in each polish allows for lasting strength, durability and overall gorgeous nails.  You can expect your China Glaze polish to last approximately 1 week (providing you follow my aftercare advice).  As this is a normal nail polish, it takes time to dry fully, so please bare this in mind following your treatment!  For pedicures please bring a pair of flip flops to your appointment, as the polish will not be dry enough on leaving to put on regular, closed shoes.  China Glaze polish can be easily removed with a normal nail polish remover.  

Mini manicure or mini pedicure consisting of;

nail trim/file, cuticle work & polish of your choice.


Mini mani or mini pedi without polish £10.00

Mini mani or mini pedi with polish £15.00


Beauty by Sarah luxury pedicures
    Sarah's Luxury Pedicures

A wonderful treat for the feet!  Feet are eased into a warm foot spa for a soothing soak, then exfoliated with an invigorating foot scrub.  Next, cuticles are trimmed, nails clipped & filed.  Areas of hard skin are filed down & a beautifully nourishing foot mask is smothered all over the skin & left to soak in whilst feet are kept warm in heated booties.  After a relaxing foot massage, feet are moisturised & finished off with a nail paint of your choice.  Approximately 60 minutes of indulgence!  Please ensure you bring a pair of flip flops to your treatment (if you choose to have a nail paint) as polish will not be fully dry on leaving your appointment.


Luxury pedi without polish £25.00

Luxury pedi with polish £30.00


Beauty by Sarah
 Sarah's Luxury Manicures

  A skin quenching & softening treatment, perfect for chapped skin, hardworking, dry hands & cuticles. Treatment consists of; Nail file/trim, cuticle work, refreshing hand soak, skin softening sugar scrub, nourishing hand mask, mini hand massage & moisturise, nail paint (optional). 

Luxury mani without paint £25.00

Luxury mani with paint £30.00

  Himalayan Salt & Hot Stone Therapy

  Remedial & conditioning heat treatment for either the hands or feet.  A combination of heat from basalt massage stones & healing properties of Himalayan salt makes this therapy ideal for rheumatic conditions, arthritis, joint aches/pain & dry skin.


Treatment consists of; salt skin soak, salt exfoliation followed by the application of a repairing mask.  Next, the skin is cocooned in heat using warmed basalt stones and is left to work its magic.  Mask removed, a hand/foot hot stone massage is carried out followed by a nourishing moisturiser.  


This is a wonderful stand alone treatment but can also be incorporated with other treatments such as a mini manicure/ pedicure.  

Hand or foot therapy £30.00

Beauty by Sarah Thai Herbal Compress Foot Therapy
    Thai Compress Foot Therapy

  Herbal compress massage, native to Thailand, uses steam heated 'dumplings' filled with 14 aromatic herbs.  The blend of herbs (including ginger, kaffir lime, lemongrass & tumeric) are traditionally used for medicinal purposes.  This treatment is ideal for tired, aching feet & ankles, arthritic conditions, reducing stiffness & inflammation of the joints, muscles & ligaments & is deeply relaxing.  The heated compresses used on the feet during this treatment are blended with herbs specifically designed to soften & nourish dry skin.  



The treatment consists of; skin softening salt foot soak, invigorating foot salt scrub & a healing Thai herbal compress foot massage.

This is a wonderful stand alone treatment but can also be incorporated with other treatments such as a mini manicure/ pedicure.  

Thai compress foot therapy £30.00