The Eve Taylor, professional grade, skincare range is used in all facials* at Beauty by Sarah.  

 Eve Taylor lauched her first aromatic skincare range in the 1960's, blending pure essential oils from nature to scientifically develop products that were both theraputic and results driven.  This well recognised and trusted brand is effective yet kind to your skin.  All products are  ph balanced, cruelty free and paraben free.  

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*excluding Rose of Radiance Facial

Eve Taylor facials at Beauty by Sarah
    The Eve Taylor Aromatherapy Facial

  The Eve Taylor 'signature' facial is a gentle & soothing skin treatment suitable for all skin types/skin concerns.

The treatment consists of; an eye cleanse (if make up removal is required), deep cleansing of the skin followed by exfoliation.  A relaxing massage to the face, neck & shoulders is carried out.  A  face mask is then brushed onto the skin & whilst it works it's magic a soothing scalp massage is performed.  On removing the mask, skin is refreshed with a gentle toner.  A cooling eye gel is then gently massaged in & an appropriate moisturiser is smoothed over the face.  


Ideal for a monthly treatment to keep skin in tip top condition, improving skin texture & elasticity.


40 min treatment £30.00


Rose of Radiance Facial

  This beautifully fragrant facial is a real treat for the senses!  The treatment uses skincare products infused with Bulgarian Rose and Rose Quartz crystals to smooth and de-puff the skin.  Skin cell turnover & lymphatic drainage is increased, leaving the skin balanced, soft & supple.  


Treatment consists of; eye & lip cleanse, deep skin cleanse & exfoliation.  Cool rose quartz crystals are used to gently massage the skin promoting muscle relaxation and  skin drainage.  Once a face mask is applied, a rose quartz crystal neck & shoulder massage is carried out. On removing the face mask & toning the skin, moisturiser is gently sunk into the skin with the cooled crystals followed by an eye massage using a soothing eye cream.  


Suitable for all skin types and perfect as an anti ageing facial.  Due to the cooling, anti inflammatory properties of this facial, it also makes it an ideal remedy for those who suffer from regular headaches/blocked sinuses/migraines.


45 min treatment £35.00

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Beauty by Sarah warm basalt stone facial
Basalt Stone Facials

  This treatment is carried out as 'The Eve Taylor Facial' with the addition of Basalt stones for the massage element of the facial.  This therapy is a very luxurious experience, which is not only deeply relaxing but can also provide relief from a number of conditions.  


Depending on the needs of the client, the Basalt stones will either be gently warmed or instead, a combination of warm & cold Basalt stones will be used.  

Warmed stones provide relief from tension headaches, pain & discomfort felt in the neck/shoulders/jaw/ for general relaxation of the facial muscles & creating calm.


Using a combination of warm & cold stones can be particularly beneficial for migraine sufferers

or those with sinuses conditions.  

The fluctuation between warm to cold stones boosts blood & lymph circulation.  This encourages sinus passages to open & drain, increasing the body's natural detoxification.  


The treatment consists of; eye cleanse (if make up removal is required), deep skin cleanse & exfoliation.  The Basalt stone massage is then carried out over the shoulders, neck & face.  Once a face mask has been brushed onto the skin, a relaxing scalp massage is carried out incorporating the Basalt stones to truly melt away tension.  Removing the mask, the skin is refreshed with a toner, an eye gel & moisturiser are massaged into the skin.


45 min treatment £35.00


Beauty by sarah Hydrating coconut compress facial
Hydrating Coconut Compress Facial

Beautifully aromatic, coconut filled, compresses are gently heated with steam to offer a truly wonderful facial.  A comforting heat treatment that will effectively balance moisture levels in winter worn or sun-stressed skin, ease dry skin conditions & boost lack lustre complexions.  You will leave the salon with a gorgeous 'dewy' complexion, with skin noticeably softer & supple.  Coconut has a real 'powerhouse' of benefits, making this facial suitable for all skin types.  The added benefit of heat from the compresses, allows particular attention to be paid in releasing muscle tension in the neck & shoulders.  


The treatment consists of; an eye cleanse, deep skin cleanse & exfoliation.  Warm coconut compress massage to the shoulders, neck & face.  After the application of a soothing  face mask, the coconut compresses are once again used to massage the shoulders & neck to truly melt away tension.  On removing the face mask the skin is refreshed with a toner & a refining eye gel is massaged in.  The coconut compresses are used one last time to moisturise the skin along with a serum & face lotion.  


Clients can even take home their coconut compress to create a body moisturising milk bath just like Cleopatra!  Simply add to a warm bath & enjoy!


45 min treatment £35.00